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You can't do your best work or live your best life when you're drowning in email, sleeping poorly or feeling drained.

Hey there! I'm Marissa Brassfield, founder of Ridiculously Efficient® Inc., productivity consultant, writer and lifestyle optimizer born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. My passion is to help high-performance professionals do their best work and live their best lives -- no matter how crazy-busy life feels right now.

Like many entrepreneurs and creatives, my livelihood depends on my effectiveness. Through Ridiculously Efficient® Inc., I show everyone around me how to leverage technology and surprising productivity strategies to make better decisions about time.

As a "secret weapon" and “operations goddess” for some of the most visionary leaders and entrepreneurs on the planet, I've designed products, launches, and business units that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars of profit and influenced millions of lives. Simultaneously, I've also received mentorship from billionaires, industry mavericks, and legendary CEOs, gaining next-level intel on how successful professionals communicate and make decisions.

The Ridiculously Efficient Community is an extraordinary global tribe where entrepreneurs, creatives and integrators learn how to make the most of every moment. 

We gather inside the Ridiculously Efficient community app and online platform, and have inspiring conversations about technology, the future of work, remote teamwork, and everyday lifestyle hacking. We hold each other accountable to our goals and commitments, and support each other through life's challenges.

Our diversity is our strength. As of March 2019, our membership spans from the Americas to Zimbabwe.

Membership Benefits

1. Exclusive content and conversations. Our community is packed with expert perspectives and thought-provoking conversations, all aimed to inspire your best thinking. Our iOS and Android apps keep you connected, wherever you are. 

2. Meet like-minded professionals. We're here to get better together. Try our Members Near You feature to meet up with a member during your next work trip, or join our weekly Virtual Happy Hour meetups. 

3. Make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you. We respect time above all. You’ll learn how to optimize time-consuming activities so that you have more time available to spend as you please. 

Unfair Advantages

🚀  The Ridiculously Efficient community contains a dynamic mix of elite achievers. Our global membership includes creators of all types: investors, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leadership, performance artists, trainers and coaches, writers, project managers and marketing all-stars. 

💪  By joining this community, you'll get direct access to me and our Community Hosts. That means weekly office hours, direct messaging, community webinars, exclusive courses I've created inspired by your problems, and even Sunday Funday weekend hikes for some IRL fun and coaching.

You’re not here for homework, or outdated advice. 

Us either.

We share shortcuts, hacks and hard-earned lessons on how to take your work and life to the next level.

Our members candidly share what’s worked, their favorite technologies and tools, and valuable life experiences. We learn about technology and the future together, and discuss its implications and what they mean for every decision we make. 

As a fully distributed, always-on network of expertise, the Ridiculously Efficient community is the most dynamic place on the planet to discuss productivity, work-life alignment and "adulting."

How would your life change if you had an extra 2 to 10 hours in your workweek? 

Join the Ridiculously Efficient Community and find out. Memberships start at just $14.99/month or $149 per year — and you get a free 7-day trial to test us out. 

For far less than your ticket and travel to a leadership conference, a pricey online training series, or a few business coaching calls, you get real-time, always-on access to a global community of leaders. 

Your membership fee also includes a dynamic calendar of exclusive webinars, learning events, and live networking opportunities. And our dedicated iOS and Android apps ensure the Ridiculously Efficient community stays with you every step of the way.



This community is about actionable growth, which is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t find the Ridiculously Efficient Community to be full of intelligent, kind and generous high performers you can collaborate with to level up your work and life, let us know. We’ll gladly refund your membership fee. Just send a direct message to a Community Host inside the platform or email us at

From Marissa

“I created Ridiculously Efficient as a digital expansion of my backyard ‘shedquarters’ -- a productivity sanctuary for high performers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. If you want to connect with high performers who also happen to be kind and generous, welcome home.” 

Marissa Brassfield
Founder & Chief Efficiency Officer
Ridiculously Efficient® Inc.

What our members say

“Marissa has changed my life. Dead serious. I’m personally working more efficiently and feeling more energized at work. I’ve been inspired to optimize a long-term strategy for my foundation by leveraging technology and community. My confidence as a leader has improved because I no longer feel alone — I feel empowered and supported. All of this, because I invested in the Ridiculously Efficient community and began implementing Marissa’s strategies and tactics I’ve learned from other members. The mindset reinforcement alone makes this investment an automatic HELL YES for any growth-oriented professional."

Christine Gould, Founder, Thought for Food

"It is not every day that we cross paths with someone whose vision is so sharp and well formulated that it can change the way we see things. That is exactly what happened to me when Marissa Brassfield and her Ridiculously Efficient platform came into my life. Whenever I encounter a professional situation that has me feeling stuck or unsteady, Marissa is a source I can turn to for clarity and guidance. She has an awe-inspiring way of helping me focus on key takeaways, while I successfully let go of the rest. Marissa and her RE community have helped me launch a successful freelance career, and have given me the courage to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit. I don't know where I would be without her."  

Melody Alderman, single mom, freelance writer, and
Founder/President of The MONARCH TRAIN

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